Wednesday Wonders Guidelines

Wednesday Wonders Guest Author Guidelines:

Before inquiring about a guest post as a published book author on my Robyn Echols Books blog, I ask you to consider the following guidelines for books I am willing to feature. If the contents of your book do not meet these criteria, this venue is not right for your work. (I’m just trying to cover all the “legal” stuff so there is no misunderstanding.)    

1.  I plan to feature a guest blog post for published book authors only most Wednesdays. I am not interesting in featuring guests with works or interests other than those authors who have published books to promote.

2.  I am featuring fiction and non-fiction books that might be of interest to the general reading public based on the limitations in the criteria, below. Your book should be geared to and appropriate to be read by the teenage to adult reading audience. I prefer to feature books that overall are informative and uplifting in nature—that have a positive outcome.

3.  At this time I am not interested in featuring poetry, cookbooks, children’s books including picture books,  (some middle grade and young adult fiction is okay), memoirs, personal journals or personal family histories and genealogies (unless retold as a fictional work), business and finance, and most self help books.

4.  Overall, the book should be clean of offensive material, including profanity, vulgarity, excessive violence, or sexually explicit or suggestive scenes.  

a.       Although I can handle “damn” or “hell” once or twice in a work—preferably as adjectives or a place name as opposed to expletives—I do not wish to feature books full of profanity or any kind of vulgarity having to do with body functions or with sexual connotations.

b.      Calling upon deity for assistance is acceptable; taking the name of God in vain or coupling the name of deity in any form in profane expressions is not.

c.       No positive portrayals of incest, adultery, fornication, necrophilia, rape, acts of domestic violence against any gender or age group, pedophilia, under age sex, or bestiality. Although some of these acts may be alluded to negatively as part of the conflict in your storyline, I am not interested in featuring books that describe these acts or any form of violent death in graphic detail for the purpose to shock and titillate the reading audience, but only as obstacles the protagonists must overcome.

d.      No portraying as acceptable any negative or hateful attitudes towards any race, nationality, religion or other minority group. 

5.  Romance Elements in your book:

a.       I am willing to feature sweet and/or clean and/or proper romance that falls within the following criteria only: It is not enough that your romance or other genre book with romance elements to be “clean” in that all explicit sex scenes are kept “behind closed doors.” Beyond a passionate hug and kiss, I am only interested in featuring books that are not sexually explicit and/or sexually provocative.  Although bad things happen in life and people make bad choices, I support romances that promote the values of couples in love waiting until after marriage to fully express physical intimacy and who remain faithful while married. I look for stories where the romantic attraction between the hero and heroine is based primarily on falling in love and an emotional yearning for a closer relationship leading to becoming best friends and beloved marriage partners.

b.      Romance between a man and a woman only is acceptable. This venue is not appropriate for any romance between two men, two women or any other sexual preference.

c.       Absolutely no erotica or pornography.

I reserve the right to agree to feature books or to decline to feature books on Robyn Echols Books blog strictly at my own discretion. If you determine your book is right for a guest blog post on the Robyn Echols Blog based on its meeting the above-listed criteria, please contact me at robynechols AT gmail DOT com. If we come to an agreement about featuring your book, I will send you an email detailing the information I need from you for the post.

The Wednesday Wonders feature of Robyn Echols Books blog is in no way sponsored by or connected to Blogspot, nor is Blogpost responsible in any manner for the content I select to be included in my blog. I am merely using Blogspot as a hosting site for Robyn Echols Books blog.

Thank you for being considerate of my choices regarding the content of the works written by guest authors that I choose to feature on my own personal book blog.

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