Books by Zina Abbott

Zina Abbott is the pen name used by Robyn Echols for her adult historical novels. Please click on the link for the full book description and the purchase link.

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Otto's Offer -- Will Otto's offer still stand when trouble from Libby's past catches up with her? 

Published January 2018 ~ Approximate word count:  52,700
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The Bavarian Jeweler  --  The back of the locket read, "My heart is always with you."

Published December 2017 ~ Approximate word count: 21,200

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Evasive Eddie Joe  --  Cowboy vs. the miners - who will get the bride?

Published October 2017 ~ Approximate word count: 29,000

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Dead Set Delphinia  --  She was dead set on marrying within the week before her father found her. He was dead set on continuing to muddle through life on his own.
Published September 2017 ~ Approximate word count: 66,800

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Bargain Bessie  --  A confirmed spinster and a decisive, impatient rancher—who is NOT pushing forty… 
Published August 2017 ~ Approximate word count:  32,600

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Cat's Meow  --  Catherine loves Harold and wants to marry him, but there is one “meowly” little problem. 

Published July 2017 ~ Approximate word count: 27,600

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Aaron's Annulment Bride  --  Andrea married Aaron so he could get his mining company house, but now she wants an annulment.

Published June 2017 ~ Approximate word count:  36,200

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Kizzie's Kisses  --  Running from hostile Indians, feisty Kizzie runs into freighter Leander. The two join forces to protect their beloved horses. 
Published January 2017 ~ Approximate word count:  42,700


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Bridgeport Holiday Brides -- Will a land grab rob Beth of her heart's desire?

Approximate word count:  39,800

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Haunted by Love  -- No matter who haunts him, he will win her heart. 

Approximate word count:  25,200

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Her Independent Spirit  --   Will independent spirits yield to hearts bound by love?   

Approximate word count:  36,450

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A Resurrected Heart  --   Can the love of a good man bring Beth a resurrected heart? 

Approximate word count:  26,700


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Big Meadows Valentine  --   Only chickens will win her heart.

Approximate word count:  25,800 


Too Old for Christmas  --   He has two mules; she has two boys. They both are missing more than love.

Approximate word count: 27,200

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Family Secrets  -- From Viet Nam to Afghanistan, how many secrets can one family keep?

Published October 2014 ~ Approximate word count: 82,500

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A Christmas Promise  --   In 1873 Wyoming, a season for second chances and a promise of a brighter future.

Published November 2014 ~ Approximate word count: 15,000

"He Is a Good Man"

A letter delivered from the grave changes everything for two young people.
Published February 2016 in Lariats, Letters and Lace ~ Approximate word count: 16,000


A five novel boxed set for New Adults, includes Family Secrets.

Published January 2016

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